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Khomanani X-ray and NDT Systems cc is a leading South African manufacturer and supplier of inspection equipment. All of our products are highly regarded by many in these industries as best in class. Not only do we offer superior manufactured equipment & accessories, but we also offer exceptional customer service and support for our customers.

Khomanani X-ray and NDT Systems cc is an official supplier and accredited service centre of the Pipeline Inspection Company originally founded by George B Wren in Kansas City, Missouri in 1953. Mr. Wren graduated from the University of Kansas in 1941 as an electrical engineer. He began manufacturing holiday detectors for Standard Pipe Protection Co. of St. Louis (then known as Standard Pipe, Inc.). Standard Pipe salesmen were allowed to sell the detectors as they called on the entire pipeline trade. The detectors gradually became known in the field as “SPI” for short, abbreviating the Standard Pipe name. The equipment began getting a reputation of being superior to competing equipment in the market, at that time, because they were so dependable, reliable and durable that the demand quickly became more than what could be handled as a part-time operation. Standard Pipe Equipment did not want to go into the business of manufacturing holiday detectors and therefore allowed Mr. Wren to go into business for himself manufacturing that equipment. Their only request was to not use the SPI designation that had developed so he changed the product name to “SPY” and had it registered as a trademark.

Khomanani X-ray and NDT Systems cc offers superior manufactured equipment & accessories, but we also offer exceptional customer service and support for our customers

  • SPY® Holiday Detectors & accessories in the field of industrial coating inspection
  • SPY® Jeep Meter Equipment
  • SPY® High Performance Pig Tracking Equipment
  • Locally produced Gatronic Holiday and Pinhole detectors
  • Instruments used to measure coating thickness, profiles, shore hardness, temperature and humidity.

Our principal product is a holiday detector. A “holiday” is a term used mainly in the pipeline industry in relation to an anticorrosive surface coating, is defined as: A discontinuity in coating, when a part of the surface remains uncoated. A defect such as an area of insufficient coating film thickness. A pinhole within the coating on any coated surface.

Our calibration facility is ISO17025 accredited by the Internationally Recognized Accreditation Body, ANAB which operates in the US and is recognized by NACLA and ILAC. All instruments calibrated will be certified with the relevant information including proof of the chain of traceability.

Our Laboratory regularly participates in Proficient Testing to maintain competency of personnel and accuracy of results.

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