Service & Maintenance


If maintained, our equipment will offer you years of dependable operation. Regular care and maintenance of the unit is a requirement of good quality management practices. The Engineering Department at Khomanani X-ray Systems cc recommends once per year recalibration of our holiday detectors and jeep meters, based on industry practice and our statistical analysis and historical calibration data.


Holiday Detectors and Jeep Meters do not tend to drift, however, calibrating them annually helps to comply with directions from ISO17025 and similar standards and to ensure that items are in-tolerance during use.

Recalibration of our Holiday Detectors and Jeep Meter products should be performed only at our laboratory due to the unique calibration process and test equipment utilized.

We encourage our customers to establish a calibration intervals plan, based on our recommendations or in-house engineering reviews to reduce downtime and the risk of injury to personnel or damage to equipment.

Our Technical Staff are available to help answer any questions you may have regarding this issue or any other technical issues. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Service & Repairs

Khomanani X-ray and NDT Systems cc is an accredited SPY Authorized Service Centre and our equipment does not contain any user-serviceable parts; your warranty will be voided if the SPY® unit is opened by anyone other than a SPY® Authorized Service Center or SPY® manufacturing facility.

In the event your SPY equipment requires service or calibration please return your SPY equipment ONLY to a SPY Authorized Service Center or our manufacturing facility located at: 33c Golden Drive, Morehill, Benoni, 1501

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