SPY Holiday Detectors – Premium Inspection Equipment

SPY Holiday Detectors offer inspection professionals superior quality inspection every time. These machines work efficiently to inspect stationary equipment and metallic surfaces, ensuring ultimate structural integrity. They support in all corrosion prevention efforts, ensuring that pipelines retain integrity for longer.  SPY’s premium range, available in both portable and in-plant varieties, offer durability and accuracy to all inspection equipment personnel. This tried and tested brand are popular within the pipeline industry, ensuring accurate testing and ultimate durability.

SPY Holiday Detectors are available in both high voltage and low voltage options. Higher voltage devices are used for thicker surfaces, and the lower voltage, wet sponge models are used for thinner surfaces. When it comes to Khomanani NDT and our SPY Holiday Detectors, we have two categories available, namely:

Portable Holiday Detectors:

Portable machines work well for applications where the machine needs to move along the stationary surface, including plant, pipeline, and other surface applications. The low voltage devices are used for thinner films, and the high voltage models are used for industrial applications with thicker coatings. Top portable models include:

  • High Voltage DC – Dependable, robust, and perfectly suited for inspecting various pipe sizes (from 2 inches to 60 inches), this versatile model boasts ultimate efficiency and user ease. Set the voltage according to the particular surface to ensure accuracy and enjoy a host of benefits including ergonomic design, easy battery installation, and automatic moisture compensation.  
  • Low Voltage – The 670 model can quickly and efficiently inspect large surfaces, offering great accuracy thanks to its built-in sensitivity. This compact device offers ergonomic handheld design, quick change accessories, andan optional roller sponge electrode.

In-plant Holiday Detectors:

While built in a similar manner to the portable options, these devices, the inspection system effortlessly moves past stationary detectors.

  • High Voltage DC – This premium, in-plant  high voltage detector offers user ease and durability with its heavy duty power cord, easy-to-read control panel, and sturdy case. Opt for permanent or semi-permanent installation and enjoy an output voltage fit for pipes between 2 inches and 60 inches.
  • Low Voltage Wet Sponge – Model 673 is suited for stationary and plant-based operations, offering ultimate sensitivity and accuracy. Perfectly suited for the accurate inspection of coatings (of 1 – 20 mls), paints, and epoxy paints, the device comes with a quick-change battery compartment, optional carrying case, and accessories.

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SPY inspection equipment is known for its robust durability and accurate reading abilities.  Founded in Missouri in 1953, this powerhouse brand has stood the test of time, and has serviced the equipment inspection industry for over half a century. This alone stands testament to the durability for the brand.  For more information on our premium range, including Spy holiday detectors, get in touch today.

Give us a call on 011 425 3609 or send us a message here. We will gladly advise you on what inspection devices will best suit your needs and our expert team are always on hand to help. As a leading South African supplier in the inspection equipment industry, we are here to provide quality equipment, exceptional customer service, and ongoing support. Chat with us today and learn about the benefits of SPY equipment.

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