Gatronic Holiday Detector

Gatronic Holiday Detector

Gatronic Holiday Detector

The Gatronic H.V Holiday Detector generates pulses at a nominal 30Hz which are transformed within the probe handle to 25KV peak max. The current levels indicating holidays are detected and audible and visual alarms activate. The alarm activation is preset for approximately 1 second. The all semi-conductor circuitry is operated from a regulated voltage supply, ensuring a constant H.V. Output until the “Low Battery” lamp illuminates. At this stage the output probe voltage is no longer controlled and the battery necessitates recharging.

Typical applications of corrosion protection would be tank and pipe linings of Bitumen, Epoxy Resin, PVC, Nylon, Glassfibre, certain rubbers and enamels and insulation testing of cables.

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        • Holiday detection of non-conductive anti-corrosive coatings on metal.
        • “Spark” insulation testing.
        • Audible and visual flaw indication.
        • “Low Battery” lamp indication.
        • Rechargeable lead-acid battery.
        • Portable.
        • Rugged and reliable.
      • Test Voltages: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, KV Standard. (30 & 35 KV variations on request)
        Pulse Frequency: 30 Hz nominal
        Power Supply: 12V, 4 AH. (Dry cell lead-acid battery for 12 hours continuous operation)
        Dimensions: Instrument – 260 x 230 x 90mm
        Weight: Instrument +- 3,0 kg

      • 1 x Instrument
        1 x Probe
        300mm Brush
        10m Earth Lead
        Battery Charger
        Carry Bag

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