Gatronic Pinhole Detector

Gatronic Pinhole Detector

Gatronic Pinhole Detector

The Gatronic Pinhole Detector produces a variable voltage output from 0-100 VDC. The defects are located by drawing a wet sponge probe over the surface to be tested. The leakage current caused by the porosity triggers audible and visual alarms. The alarms are disengaged by means of a reset button.

Either in-line leakage current or output voltage may be monitored during the test. The unit is provided with adjustable input sensitivity and calibration resistance switch, allowing for settings of predetermined leakage values.

The all semi-conductor circuitry is operated from a regulated power supply ensuring constant output voltage until the low battery voltage lamp illuminates. At this stage, the output voltage is not controlled and the battery requires recharging, an external earphone facility can be provided for adverse working conditions. Typical Gatronic Pinhole Detecto application use are Tank Linings, Pipework, Painted surfaces, and any thin Non-Conductive Anti Corrosion coatings.


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        • Pinhole porosity detection non-conductive coatings on conductive substrates.
        • Variable voltage output 0-100 VDC with meter indication.
        • Variable sensitivity.
        • Inline leakage current monitoring
        • Rechargeable lead-acid battery.
        • Portable.
        • Rugged and reliable.
      • Output Voltage: Variable 0-100 VDC +- 5%
        Sensitivity: 150 000ohms/volt
        Power Supply: 12V, 4 AH. (Dry cell lead acid battery for 12 hours continuous operation)
        Dimensions: Instrument – 260 x 230 x 90mm
        Weight: Instrument +- 3,0 kg

      • 1 x Instrument
        1 x Probe
        1 x Sponge
        1 x 10m earth lead
        1 x Battery charger
        1 x Carry bag

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