The DC Pocket Jeepmeter measures the output voltage of DC holiday detectors. It has a range of 0-5 kv. this DCPJM requires no batteries.

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      • The output voltage of your holiday detector is subject to influence by weather conditions, moisture on the pipe, improper grounding, and soil conditions. In order to assure the absolute highest accuracy and performance from your holiday detectors (jeeps). Pipeline Inspection Company has developed three special Jeepmeters for checking detector voltage output. These Jeepmeters are designed to accurately measure the output voltage of any detector.

        The DC Pocket JeepMeter is designed to accurately measure the high voltage output voltage of Direct Current (DC) Only Holiday Detector such as our model 780 Portable Holiday Detectors or our 115 In-Plant Holiday Detector. The SPY® Model DCPJM DC Pocket JeepMeter provides the ultimate in convenience and versatility. The SPY® Model DCPJM enables the operator to measure Direct Current (DC Only) up to 5 kV.


        1 – High Volt Cable
        1 – Ground Cable
        1 – Carrying Case

      • Measurement Type: DC
        Operating Temperature:  –4°F to 148°F (-20° to 64.5° C)
        Voltage Range: 1-5 kV
        Measurment Accuracy: ±5%
        Display Type: Analog
        Battery: None
        Unit Weight (w/ battery only): 0.36 (.16 kg)
        Unit Dimensions (L x W x H):6” x 3.5” x 1.75”
        Factory Warranty: 12 Month
        Domestic/International Standards Unit Complies With: CE

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