Holiday Tester

What is a Holiday Tester and Why You Need One?

Holiday testers are paramount in a wide range of applications. While the term holiday may evoke images of sunny coastlines and ice cream sundaes, in the pipeline industry, the term is used to define a flaw, crack, pinhole, or void within a coating. These discontinuities – whereby part of the coating has eroded or is missing – result in environmental exposure and, if left untreated, may impact the entire application by causing permanent and costly damage.

Holiday detection is essential to pick up on possible errors before they cause more significant harm. Flaws in a surface’s coating might be so minor that the naked eye cannot detect them, and this is why holiday testing is so essential. Without these machines, many flaws would be missed, and many systems compromised.

Types of Holiday Testers at Khomanani NDT

Here at Khomanani NDT, we have portable holiday testers and in-plant options available depending on your application. Mobile options are well suited for jobs where pipelines remain stationary. These machines are moved across the surface of the pip,  picking up any discrepancies as they go. Higher voltage models work well on thick surfaces – much like those found on pipelines. Lower voltage machines with a wet sponge, on the other hand, are better suited to applications with thinner film.

These machines work via specialised charged electrodes that effortlessly pass over the surface’s coating. If they encounter a holiday or a flaw, the current moves to the bottom conductive substrate and completes the circuit via a wire until the alarm is sounded. This alerts the operator to the holiday and allows them to deal with the defect. These non-destructive inspection machines allow operators to easily pick up problems and fix them before they cause greater problems. Wet sponge machines work in a similar way. However, these work best on much thinner coatings that are less than 20 ml. We are always on hand to advise you which machine would be best for the particular job.

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