Portable Holiday Detectors for Quality Corrosion Inspection

Portable Holiday detectors are an essential piece of machinery in pipeline industries and processing plants. These devices are used to examine the structural integrity of stationery equipment and metallic surfaces and work to prevent corrosion. As they move along a machine’s surface, they are able to sense potential defects in coating and evaluate the rate at which the coating is deteriorating. These devices are also able to analyse salt and moisture concentrations and possible cracks. 

While models and machines differ, there are two main types of holiday detectors, namely high-voltage detectors (for thicker surfaces) and wet sponge detectors (for thinner surfaces). Our portable holiday detectors are well-suited to an array of applications and are available in three ranges. Different models are suited to various applications. Three popular devices on offer include:

  • High Voltage DC (Model 780): This durable model is ideally suited for even the harshest of environments. It allows users to set the voltage to their desired level and can thus traverse a wide range of pipe sizes with ease (between two inches to sixty inches, to be exact). Thanks to the specialised auto-regulated voltage feature, the voltage remains constant and makes automatic adjustments when needed. Other notable features include a quick release battery, ergonomic rear handle, light and horn holiday indication, and louder alarm for noisy environments. 
  • High Voltage Pulse (Model 785): This is a brilliant holiday detector for thicker coatings such as tape coatings and coal tars. Boasting an impressive voltage range, from 1000 to 15000, this machine supports steady inspection on a variety of pipes. Noteworthy features include auto-regulated voltage, two batteries and a universal charger, lightweight construction, and ergonomic design. Those looking for higher voltage options can explore the 
  • Low Voltage Wet Sponge (Model 670): This compact, lightweight model offers ultimate sensitivity and can easily examine coatings, epoxy paints, and paints between 1 and 20 mils. Thanks to its ergonomic design and quick change battery compartment, this handheld detector is easy to use and comes with optional accessories, including an attachable roller sponge for larger areas. 

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