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Holiday detectors are important inspection devices used to inspect metallic surfaces or stationary equipment. Ultimately, they ensure that structural integrity is retained by enhancing all corrosion prevention efforts. These machines illuminate coating flaws or defects so that they can be rectified before problems loom. Wet sponge holiday detectors are utilised on thinner surfaces and are physically moved across surfaces so as to analyse their integrity.

When it comes to our wet sponge holiday detectors, you can browse the following two products of interest at Khomanani NDT are:

Portable Wet Sponge Detector – Model 670: If you are looking for a portable wet sponge holiday detector, this portable device is perfect for the job. This unit allows inspectors to effortlessly examine the quality and composition of epoxy paints and coatings, all the while boasting non-destructible qualities. Thanks to its low voltage of 67.5, this unit is highly sensitive and can accurately inspect paints as needed without destroying them. Top features include:

  • Ergonomic, lightweight, and portable design
  • Rugged, highly durable construction
  • 67.5 volts for extra sensitivity and accuracy
  • Easy to change battery compartment
  • Optional, easy-to-attach roller sponge electrode for larger surfaces
  • The kit includes (25-foot ground cable, 4. Oz wetting agent, a 9-volt battery, one operating instruction, and a certification of calibration.)

In-plant Wet Sponge DetectorGatronic Pinhole Detector:  This piece of inspection machinery is ideal for examining potential leakage, and the finding thereof is identified by visual and audio alarms. Top features include:

  • Highly sensitive pinhole porosity which can efficiently detect conductive substrates and non-conductive coatings
  • Specialised in-line leakage monitoring
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Ergonomic, rugged design.
  • The kit includes (machine, one probe, one sponge, one battery charger, 1 10m earth lead, and one carry bag).

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